MAGSOL Natural Deodorant 6 Pack Set of Travel Sizes (0.5 oz each) + FREE Full Size

MAGSOL Natural Deodorant 6 Pack Set of Travel Sizes (0.5 oz each) + FREE Full Size

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  • 6 pack of travel size deodorants: Sandalwood, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Lavender, Jasmine, Rose
  • Each stick is 0.5 oz and lasts 2-4 weeks
  • INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE: coupon for 1 FREE FULL SIZE deodorant of your choice - try all 6 scents and pick your favorite for a free full-size! Redemption code included with delivery of your 6 pack

MAGSOL magnesium deodorant is a truly clean label deodorant that is gentle on skin and actually works.

4 Simple, Skin-Loving Ingredients. Ultra Effective for Ultra Sensitive Skin.

Sweet almond oil, beeswax, magnesium oxide, natural oils.  MAGSOL is the world's first natural deodorant to use magnesium oxide to control odor.  Magnesium oxide is gentle yet effective in managing the pH level in your underarm, it is also a desiccant, which helps to keep your pits dry.  MAGSOL actively protects against odors with a simple, safe, and purpose-driven set of natural ingredients.

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We never use aluminum, baking soda, or parabens in any of our products. We only create products that we use on ourselves and family, including the little ones!

✔ Aluminum Free

✔ Baking Soda Free

✔ Paraben Free

✔ Sulfate Free

✔ BPA Free


Deodorant is applied daily on a sensitive area of your body that absorbs ingredients.  MAGSOL natural deodorant is made with sweet almond oil, beeswax, magnesium oxide and natural oils.  Not only are the ingredients rated 1 on the EWG scale, most ingredients are food grade.

MAGSOL Natural Deodorant for Women & Men